Honoring the Memory of Julie Seltzer-Firsty

14th Annual Firsty Family Moonlight Walk

“She believed in the power of research”

Every year has its twists and turns. With both kids now in college down in Southern California, coordinating schedules to get back here to walk in Palo Alto is quite challenging…BUT that doesn’t mean we won’t walk hand-in-hand ….OF COURSE we will. 

In mid-October we will all be in New York City for a few days– so we will take advantage of the togetherness and do our annual “Moonlight Walk” there.

Julie fought valiantly against neuroendocrine cancer for more than five years. As she so eloquently stated during those years…

“While there is no cure for people like me (whose cancer is not surgically removable), progress is being made in trials to stabilize these tumors, so people with the diagnosis can live years with a good quality of life. But more needs to be done so one day a cure can be found. The only way we can keep making progress is if there is more money for research. I’m on my fifth different type of chemo now. Please help me raise money so more options can be found.”

It has been almost 10 years, since Julie passed away, but our belief in supporting research efforts only gets stronger every year.

Last year, we attended a NETRF symposium in Southern California. We met with many of the doctors and scientists who then shared with us their research efforts. It was amazing to hear about all the progress being made. We could only have wished the knowledge now was available 10+ years ago.

Through the generosity of our friends and family, we have helped to advance landmark NET research. Thanks to NETRF-funded discoveries and the efforts of the NET medical community, the therapeutic landscape of NET management looks entirely different now than it did in 2005, when NETRF began. With better tools to monitor tumors and improved treatment options, patients can thrive with NETs. Such advances are not random. They are the fruit of many years of NETRF-funded research, all made possible because of the Moonlight Walk. We are so proud of this progress, but we cannot stop until we find a cure. Because NET research is so underfunded, we need your help.

“Julie went above and beyond partaking in numerous research trials. We will do no less to help NETRF find a cure. Our goal this year is to reach $6,000. Help us get there!”




Please join the NET Research Foundation in honoring the memory of Julie by supporting the 2023 Moonlight Walk.

Many Thanks to all 2023 Moonlight Supporters!

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