Sean Pitroda

Understanding the genetic and cellular origins of carcinoid cancer

Ramesh Shivdasani, MD, PhD,

Year: 2005
Institution: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Country: United States
Award Type: NETRF GRANTS 2005-2017
NET Type: Gastrointestinal
Science Type: Basic

General Description

To build upon an earlier discovery made by NETRF-funded research, investigators will explore the role of DAXX genomic mutations in pancreatic NETs. First, researchers will study the normal functions of the DAXX gene in laboratory models, then evaluate what happens when the gene is removed. This knowledge can help to identify therapeutic targets.

Published Papers

Wasylishen AR, Sun C, Moyer SM, et al. DAXX maintains endogenous retroviral silencing and restricts cellular spasticity in vivo. Sci Adv. 2020; 6(32):eaba8415.