Phase I/II Study of Intratumoral Ipilimumab with Anti-PD-L1 in Patients with Advanced, Progressive, Well-Differentiated NETS

Pamela Kunz, MD

Year: 2014
Institution: The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University
Country: United States
State: CA
Award Type: NETRF GRANTS 2005-2017
NET Type: Multiple
Science Type: Clinical

General Description

The overall objectives of this study are to develop molecular classifiers for PNETs and to comprehensively identify the molecular alterations associated with this rare disease. Our overarching hypothesis is that proteogenomic profiling of PNET samples will reveal molecular subclasses and identify novel disease-specific alterations.Our experimental strategy employs an innovative new SP3-CTP methodology that generates unprecedented protein coverage for clinical specimens. Our proteogenomics analysis will be the first of its kind for PNETs, and will provide a PNET molecular classification to aid clinical management. At the same time, it will generate a fundamental resource for better understanding PNET biology, and for identifying biomarkers, activated regulatory pathways, and potential therapeutic targets.

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