Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate for PancreaticNET Targeted Therapy

Renata Jaskula-Sztul, PhD

Year: 2018
Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Country: United States
State: AL
Award Type: Collaborative
NET Type: Pancreas
Science Type: Translational

General Description

This proposal aims to identify how serotonin cells become specialized to produce this hormone and to examine their potential to form neuroendocrine tumors in mice. Understanding how potentially normal cells give rise to carcinoids will be important for identifying new therapeutic targets for treating these tumors. Dr. Leiter developed methods to isolate relatively pure serotonin cells from the stomach and the small intestine and analyzed all the genes expressed by RNA Sequencing.  

In addition to serotonin-producing endocrine cells, Dr. Leiter’s group identified a new population of serotonin cells. which appeared to be mast cells.  Mast cells are a bone marrow cell involved in immune regulation.  Mast cells migrate to and reside in the intestine and produce serotonin.

In addition to serotonin cells, Dr. Leiter extended the original project to study histamine producing cells in the stomach which some investigators propose is a mast cell.  This population was chosen because these cells are believed to be the source for many stomach carcinoids.  The gene expression pattern of these cells clearly suggested that they were endocrine cells, not bone marrow-derived mast cells.


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