Molecular Influences of Racial Disparities in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

J. Bart Rose, III, MD, MAS, FACS

Year: 2021
Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Country: United States
State: AL
Award Type: Collaborative
NET Type: Pancreas
Science Type: Translational

General Description

This project combines the expertise of three professionals – a chemical biologist who recently discovered a new and potent anticancer drug (ie, thailandepsin A [TDP-A]), a nanotechnologist/materials chemist who develops multifunctional drug nanocarriers for targeted cancer therapy, and a surgeon/neuroendocrine cancer biologist – to develop multifunctional nanomedicines for targeted carcinoid cancer therapy. At the completion of the project, we intend to demonstrate that TDP-A is a potent anticancer drug for carcinoid cancers and that tumor-targeting TDP-A loaded nanocarriers have the potential to significantly enhance the efficacy of therapeutic treatments in carcinoid cancers while minimizing any undesirable side-effects.

The investigators will conduct preclinical experiments to establish the feasibility of this new treatment strategy for treating patients with neuroendocrine cancers.


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